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I want to make your company become the symbol of fearless authenticity and pride!


I am a pure artist. I have studied Artistic Makeup at Lasalle College, Film Photography at Vanier College and Professional Photography at Dawson College. I love fashion and beauty. Models love working with me because I am real and fun so they feel comfortable. Makeup artists love working with me because I make them laugh and allow them to be creative. Fashion designers let me borrow their clothes because they find me trustworthy. Stylists love collaborating with me because I always bring a cool productive team together. Nobody is scared to speak their mind and together we retain the best of everyone so we can achieve the best result. 


I am not entirely about reality. I want people to dream like I do. My final images are glamorous , bold and clean. I am, before everything, a feminist. I believe in inner strength, self-confidence and ambition. My image must be about my beliefs. The beauty of my models are not just about their physical beauty but mostly about strong personality. Your products must not be just about their functionality but mostly about what they represent. 


If you share my vision, contact me right away! 

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